Sunday, April 16, 2017

Citizen Journalism

This week's lessons fit nicely with what I am attempting to start at my newspaper.
We cover an area of northeastern and eastern Arizona that is equivalent to the size of two small states. With only five full-time reporters, that a lot of area to cover. So, we began, a few weeks, ago, contacting people who may know of people interesting in writing for us. The idea is for these folks to submit items of news interest from their respective communities. There are several small, rural communities spread out throughout our readership area - from one end to the other is about 150 miles east to west, and about 175-200 miles north to south. Along with the communities are two Indian tribes -- The White Mountain Apache/Fort Apache tribe and the Navajo Nation.
The Navajo Nation encompasses a majority of our northeastern coverage area and extends into parts of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.
Getting news items from these underserved areas will enhance our standing as the sole source of news coverage in our area and will truly make us a "community" newspaper.
This week's lesson was rather easy as I incorporated what I have been doing and attempted to relate to the high school level.


  1. I love that you're taking this approach, and I'm eager to hear how it goes — especially in terms with working with those people who don't have a full grasp on journalistic basics.

  2. Great idea for the citizens and newspaper to help each other be stronger!