Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tutorial shows how to use Twitter to boost new story's exposure on the Internet

How to use Twitter to promote a news story from Teaching Multimedia on Vimeo.

    The preceding video was produced for my Teaching Multimedia class at Kent State University. It shows how journalists can use Twitter to promote a news story, using a program titled "Camtastia," which records computer screen actions.
     It is a wonderful tool to use in the creation of video tutorials that involve software programs. This production is my first-ever attempt at making and recording a tutorial.
     Also accompanying the tutorial is an in-depth lesson plan that focuses on how to use Twitter to effectively promote a news story. It's a lesson geared toward students who aspire to become a professional journalist. It will provide them skills to incorporate Twitter in their work, which is a requirement at most media outlets. Students will also learn concise writing techniques and it will help expand their grammar and spelling skills. Check out my lesson here or click on "Social Media Lesson Plan" in the column to the right and listed under "My Pages."

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